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    Advanta-STAR is the Premier Automotive Information Company
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    Advanta-STAR provides the information necessary that
    helps your customers make an informed purchase decision
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    Increase your organic SEO by using
    our information on pages you create
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    Sell More Customers on the First Visit
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    Customers Will Spend More Time on Your Website
Our Services
Inform customers and staff with unique information while improving SEO, time-on-site, closing rates and CSI.
Corporate Identity
With over twenty-five years as the undeniable experts in product knowledge, Advanta-STAR is the premier automotive information company in America.  Serving both automotive manufacturers and dealerships, Advanta-STAR provides the information necessary that helps your customers make an informed purchase decision, trains and informs your staff regarding competitive models and drives successful SEO and other marketing campaigns.
From The Blog
Keep up with all the latest car news, events and shows.
Core Features


Advanta-STAR Internet Comparison System Advanta-STAR's wealth of information, deliverable through your web platform.

Web Analysis

Web Analysis on Traffic and Competitive Hits Analytics you can use. Data to drive marketing, balance inventory and build effectiveness.


Quick Response code
Deliver Advanta-STAR to consumers on your lot on or off hours.

Lead Generation

LEAD GENERATION AND PROSPECTING - Generate pre-qualified leads on specific vehicles with extra information.


With over 15 years of automotive research in an API format, you can super-charge your website's visibility on the web.


Automotive manufacturers' brochures, web sites, press kits, media-only manufacturer web sites, data books, technical bulletins, owner's manuals and new model highlights and preview books.

From our customers

Michelle B.

- Chesterfield, MO.

"I was just a little curious about a BMW, but when I saw how much safer... and FASTER it was than the car my mom told me I should get, I decided to spend the extra money."

Alan K.

- Houston, TX

"My son was in a fender-bender a few months ago, so I knew that we had to buy the Soul when I saw how much cheaper the insurance was. Plus, it stopped better than the Fit or the Compass, so maybe next time he won't rear-end somebody."

Linda H.

- Glendale, AZ

"I was very impressed with the content on [their] website, especially the comparisons on the Camry. It helped me make up my mind, but more important, it helped me convince my husband we should get the Camry."

G. K. Samuel

- Tonawanda, NY

"I am writing to compliment your dealership and especially John S for the great service and professionalism that went far beyond the ordinary. Your website made my buying decision a lot easier to know that my new car was so safe."